Medieval castles and the secrets of the knighthood

Medieval Castles You have seen them in movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. You have seen them in TV shows like Merlin and many others. But how were the medieval castles built. What did it take to create a single castle? How much manpower and resources did it take? And for how long? You will find the questions to these and many more questions in this book. From the initial wooden castles to the later ones made of stone.

You will learn about the techniques that the skilled craftsmen used for the creation of every single castle. The first knights In this part of the book, you will learn what did it take to become a knight. All the years of training that the future knights had to go through, everything they needed to learn in order to become knights, from sword techniques to horse riding, and what their life was once their initiation was complete.

The Longsword The weapon that every knight had to master. The weapon that made every knight a fearsome opponent, that everyone was scared to go against. Chapter I: Medieval Castles Chapter II: The first knights Chapter III: The longsword Are you ready to take the journey to medieval times today?

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