Management of Objections to Sell More: Supporting business negotiations with neuroscience and emotional intelligence

“Customers have more sense in raising objections than sellers have in dealing with them”. This is the proposition from which the author of this manual Roberto Tiby, business consultant and sales and marketing educator for over twenty years, starts.

Salespeople are very curious about the topic of handling objections, they want to know everything about how to overcome objections but, in the end, they barely train and rarely have a method.

Many people sign up for a sales course with the precise goal of expanding their knowledge on this topic. In the end, there are few who can find something really useful, not so much for the quality of the courses but for the fact that this particular moment of the sale requires an in depth study also on an emotional and personal level.

The manual explains a modern, innovative and effective method in detail, in a simple and intuitive way.

The five steps of the method are the following:

•Study Trigger Points and your reactions
•Find your personal definition of objection
•Identify the client’s decision-making style
•List objections and responses
•Use the ARRIVO formula

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