Welcome to D*ck n B*lls Tower!

Tony Butterworth is beginning his six-month, work assignment deep in a wilderness teeming with carnivorous predators. And what is he dragging in with him this year? A-tisket, a-tasket, an extra-full basket of torment and turbulence.

As a veteran lookout observer, he lives alone in an isolated cabin and climbs a 100-foot fire tower daily to scan for and report wildfires. One of Tony’s more flirtatious tower neighbours, Muffy, who he secretly drools over, convinces him to keep a journal to help him maintain his sanity: who could have predicted that Pandora’s Box would explode with such dark but hysterical repercussions?

Besides making a complete fool of himself while interacting with his female supervisor, Tony manically yo-yos and struggles to cope; he begrudgingly takes his daily medication but that doesn’t stop the incessant taunting from Mother or G-Zeus or one of G-Zeus’s lingering assassins.

Through his obsessive journal entries, never meant for public consumption, Tony relates reams of madness, mayhem, and malevolence from his twisted and tortured past. And then there is legendary tower duo, D*ck n B*lls, another story altogether. Or is it?

“If I had to summarize this cocktail of insanity, I’d say get a tall glass, add one shot of Terry Pratchett, a healthy measure of Hunter S. Thompson, top up with some Jim Jefferies and garnish with one of those special mushrooms people aren’t supposed to eat….”

—Michael Gardner; Readers’ Favorite

“Hysterical and inventive … an ingenious and brilliant work of art.”

—Foluso Falaye; Readers’ Favorite

99 Cent Bargain Book from February 23 – 28, 2021

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