War 19 Trump vs. China: Or How Trump Learned to Beat Biden, COVID-19 and China

In the fall of 2020, COVID-19 continues to kill. Most blame China and it seems war is inevitable. America is about to pick a president to lead the country through the conflict with China. YOU must choose the president to lead through War19!

This is a two book political thriller series, one if Biden wins and one if Trumps wins reelection. One book is sure to thrill you and one book will make you want to burn it!

Full of suspense, mystery, political satire and humor, this “Trump Wins” version of historical fiction answers the questions you have been dying to know!

This version of the political fiction series answers……

How does Donald Trump get reelected?
How do the Democrats respond?
What does Adam Schiff accuse Trump of this time?
What happens to the virus and any vaccines and treatments?
Does China accept responsibility for the death and fiscal carnage?
Do lying Democrats leaders of the FBI and CIA finally pay for their deceit?
Does Hillary Clinton get indicted?
Can war with China be averted?
Can President Trump save America, beat the Chinese and destroy the Democrats all at once?

This book has it all! Political humor, satire, fun historical fiction. A great alternate history to satisfy your every political dream!

Bonus materials online:
Read this exciting political fictional thriller about how Biden learned to beat Trump, COVID-19 and China!

Find sample chapters, a full Q/A, more details about the author and BONUS chapters at War19.com!

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