Understand Money: Your First Step to Financial Freedom (And Not Eating Cat Food in Retirement)

Retire rich and spend it all. Or create lasting wealth for your family as a first-generation millionaire. Or simply get a good night’s sleep because you are finally in control of your finances. The choice is yours when you “get” the simple, timeless rules of money and start to Think Wealthy. After all, no one wants to be burping cat food in retirement at the hands of a shaky government program, the possible fate of the 80% of Americans who currently live paycheck-to-paycheck. In Understand Money: Your First Step to Financial Freedom, Todd Havens, a debt-free dad and first-generation millionaire who spent his 20s and 30s as the “poorest guy in any room,” walks you through the first of his six-step Think Wealthy Personal Finance series so you can master your money and set yourself up for financial safety, security and freedom for life. Understand Money: Your First Step to Financial Freedom will show you: The 5 Things Wealthy People Already Know about Money and Teach Their Kids What Money Is REALLY For (Beyond Spending) The Only Thing That Money Truly Loves in the World Whether Money Really Does Equal Happiness Money’s Two Main Enemies to Avoid How to Use The Money Dam to Set Your Financial Goals and Track Your Progress Using Just One Number Bonus: The Million Dollars Game And more! Now let’s have some fun talking about money and laugh our way to financial freedom together!

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