Toxic Husbands: Break Free from your Dysfunctional Marriage & Begin Living A Mentally Healthy Lifestyle

You’re running out of time. Your new life is waiting for you and here’s how you can claim it today! Do you often sit there reminiscing the good times you’ve had and wonder how in the heck things got this out of hand?

He used to be such a great guy, you think, as you bounce back and forth between confusion, ‘love’, and disgust. ‘Maybe it’s my fault”, you conclude. “He is really busy with his work, and I’m not always as there for him as I could be.” Sound familiar? So then you go and change X, Y, Z about yourself – your image and attitude – just to try and fix the situation, just to try and make things go back to the way they were.

At first, he’s receptive and it seems you’ve figured it out, but then one day he comes home irate – screaming at and maybe even hitting you. Suddenly, it’s all your fault again… Are you terrified of your current situation but also don’t know what to do about it?

Maybe you: Feel like you’ve lost all of your friends and don’t know how it happened Are constantly on edge and always trying to do what you can to “fix everything” Can’t imagine your life any other way, let alone how you could possibly rebuild it If any of (or all) of these things are true, then you’re likely dealing with a narcissistic husband.

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