The Normans: A Captivating Guide to the Norman Conquest and William the Conqueror

Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

The Norman Conquest: A Captivating Guide to the Normans and the Invasion of England by William the Conqueror, Including Events Such as the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings

William the Conqueror: A Captivating Guide to the First Norman King of England Who Defeated the English Army Led by the King of the Anglo-Saxons in the Battle of Hastings

The year 1066 CE is one of the largest turning points in British history, with most people today having heard of the Battle of Hastings. The year had begun with the death of Edward the Confessor, a man who would be one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings. In the end, the course of the kingdom’s history would shift as William the Bastard became William the Conqueror.

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