The Eastern Front: A Captivating Guide to Soviet Union in World War 2, the Winter War, Siege of Leningrad, Operation Barbarossa and Battle of Stalingrad

Five captivating manuscripts in one book:

Soviet Union in World War 2: A Captivating Guide to Life in the Soviet Union and Some of the Main Events on the Eastern Front Such as the Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Kursk, and Siege of Leningrad

The Winter War: A Captivating Guide to the Russo-Finnish War between Finland and the Soviet Union

Leningrad: A Captivating Guide to the Siege of Leningrad and Its Impact on World War 2 and the Soviet Union

Operation Barbarossa: A Captivating Guide to the Opening Months of the War between Hitler and the Soviet Union in 1941–45

Stalingrad: A Captivating Guide to the Battle of Stalingrad and Its Impact on World War II

No nation suffered more losses during the Second World War than the Soviet Union. The figure most historians recognize as roughly accurate is twenty million. The exact figure is impossible to tally because of destroyed records, inexact pre-war records, Soviet politicization of the population figures before and after the war, and much more. No matter what the exact total was, what is known is that the Soviet population only recovered its losses from the war in the late 1950s.
For those of you unfamiliar with WWII, the combined losses sustained by the United States and Great Britain were just over 800,000 dead. The Soviets lost that many people during the Siege of Leningrad alone.

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