The Dark Eyed Enchantress

Book III is last of the fantasy trilogy recounting the adventures of a sailing ship that has traversed the seven seas for millennia. At her prow sits a carved figure of a mermaid known as The Maid to sailors and landlubbers. All are aware of her supernatural powers: while she beguiles she is merciless against anyone who threatens those she protects. Under her new captain, she enters the dangerous world of a smuggling fraternity within a small coastal community in 18th century Cornwall. The Maid is alert when two young boys become part of the crew.

One is traumatized while the other must follow his father “in the honest business of smuggling.” A bond of friendship and loyalty develop while they adapt quickly to the adult world where betrayals are the norm among crooks and thieves. Folkloric tales of ancient curses and myths also form an integral part of peoples’ lives: such as the Drummer’s Retreat that signifies the death knell of a smuggler. More chillingly, one of the boys is betrayed to the authorities by a nemesis of his family. The Maid will be merciless.

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