Stick Figures from Rockport

Tamsin Eliot isn’t half the painter her father was. She didn’t inherit his talent or his sense of adventure, preferring to stay close to home. But after the death of her mother, she does inherit his coat. And in its pocket, she finds a riddle – a crayon drawing of a lone stick figure, signed by a child named Ida and tucked in an envelope from Rockport.

In search of Ida she packs her bags and takes a reluctant trip to Rockport, the source of her happiest childhood memories and inspiration for her father’s most cherished art. But for all her doubts about straying far from home and finding Ida, she hasn’t calculated the cost. Will chasing after family secrets destroy her relationship with her only sister? Will shining light on old truths cast shadows on memories of her beloved father and obscure her view of the past?

STICK FIGURES FROM ROCKPORT is a story of loss and recovery,an ode to the family you come from, the family you choose, and the landscapes that shape who we are. Lane reminds us that we are forever tied to the places we come from. You can always go home again, but you may be different for the journey.

99 Cent Bargain Book from October 13 – 17, 2020

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