Spinning My Wheels


Snowden impresses with his exceptional collection of eight deeply poignant stories in his latest.

A decades-old unsavory act sets the stage for a hard-edged businessman’s transformation into a sympathetic person weighed down with guilt and shame in “Yesterday’s Giant.” Snowden’s prose is assured as he takes readers into a long-dead artisan glassmaker’s quest to fulfilling his wish in “Snowfall in Venice.” In “Never in Time,” a time travel tale with a dash of paranormal, Snowden traces a computer repair shop owner’s journey of longing and mystery as he sets on to free a beautiful, young woman lost in time.

The deeply poignant “Fortesque” is heartbreaking and heartfelt at once. The images that surface from Snowden’s words are marvelous and sublime, whether he is exploring a middle-aged man’s stroke of luck, tracing a rape victim’s journey to forgiveness, or tracing the astonishing fall and rise of a young wealthy heir. Set in the present day as well as over a century-old past, Snowden skillfully brings the setting to life, be it the Venetian Island of Murano, Cortina, Italy or 1850s Eden, Maine.

The stories make incredible emotional impact into surprisingly few pages. Snowden has an impressive range, and his portrayal of intricate characters making the best out of their untenable situations is both memorable and relatable. The themes of love, loss, luck, guilt, trauma, revenge, compassion, and salvation fill the pages.

Readers will love this remarkable, deliciously addictive collection.

99 Cent Bargain Book from July 15 – 18, 2021