Soul on Empty

Tony Barbieri craves more than a janitorial position in a working-class neighborhood; he longs to be the man behind the films, transforming scenes into captivating movies—The Filmmaker. When fate opens a door into the alluring world of high fashion, a career one step closer to his filmmaking dreams, Tony seizes the opportunity. He only notices the darkness around him when he is standing beneath the dazzling lights.

Struggling to find his balance, Tony is swept into a world fueled by veiled truths and motives. He never expected to be a birthday gift for designer Gianni Versace or spend nights of depravity with the creator of Star Wars. Tony fights his way through the overwhelming pressures and unexpected situations until he finally arrives on the other side: the filmmaking industry.

Soon, Tony discovers just how costly some dreams can be when a career-altering event changes his life forever. This book is a behind-the-scenes look at how movies are made, and the souls who get sold along the way. Soul on Empty is the inspiring true story of one filmmaker’s personal triumph through the pitfalls and dangers of the world’s two most glamorous professions.

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