Papa’s Last Words: They Lied About God

Who is God…really? Where is God amid all the Christian denominations? Why does He seem to change so drastically between the Old and New Testament and now? Did He change, or did the people change?

“Papa’s Last Words” is a legacy instruction from an unconventional Christian father to his children, elaborating on the identity of God according to the Bible. It challenges mainstream concepts, begs for unbiased thinking, promotes Berean study habits, encourages fearless questioning, and appreciates disagreement.

It reveals Abraham’s God within the rift between Christianity and Judaism, using scholarly texts and a study on linguistics for support. The book spurns the reader to first century Christianity, lifting the Scriptures above cultural influences, both Western and Jewish. It cites 90 sources and includes 250 footnotes for research, with each footnote incorporating multiple verses.

Be challenged and inspired to seek the Scriptures.

99 Cent Bargain Book from August 24 – 27, 2020

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