Mother Nature’s Muffins

Mother Nature’s Muffins tells the lively story of Boone and Hectare as they try to create a competition winning muffin recipe. As they work together, gathering local natural ingredients for their recipe, they run into unexpected but humorous situations. Will Boone and Hecatre finish in time? Read the story and find out!

Mother Nature’s Muffins, the first book in the Blue Marble Buddies Series, is a picture book with a twist! Beautifully illustrated and filled with cute animals, the books in this series are designed to be read out loud by two readers in a participative fashion.

Each reader chooses a character and takes turns reading the dialogue. The practice of reading aloud together promotes social interaction and bonding. At the same time, it also encourages active reading and listening.

FREE eBook on July 28, 2020

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