Minimalism and Mental Illness: A Focus for the Mind

When we have a mental illness or a diagnosis we can benefit from all kinds of tools and practices to make our lives easier and our minds calmer. Minimalism can be one such practice. It can help to reduce clutter in our environment and give us a sense of peace.

Having a tidy surrounding is good for us and it is good our mental health. It promotes a sense of well-being. But it is not that easy to do and we need to be introduced to it. Here is where this book comes into its own. Especially aimed at readers with mental illness it gently proposes a minimalist life and home. It guides the reader through the benefits of this habit and encourages them to try it our for themselves and learn by doing.

It is a simple read, after all minimalism is itself simple and not complicated. Once we discover how it focuses our minds, we may never look back. It is not a magical solution to complex circumstances but it is definitely one thing that has many worthwhile benefits for us. Sophie Rose Peters is an artist and a writer. She loves to help people and encourage them through her work on their spiritual, creative and well-being journeys. She has written many books, all of which are available on Amazon.

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