Mausoleum: Anomaly

Thousands of remains rest within the marbled halls of Lexon Mausoleum. Its daytime visitors come to mourn, unaware of the secret hidden behind its walls: a secret so unusual, so powerful, that people will kill to obtain it. Nate and his colleagues were hired to protect the mausoleum.

Its mere existence activates spirits and attracts dangerous creatures, making it a perilous place to safeguard. Using their gift to patrol the blocks that surround the building, they search the River to discover and neutralize ghostly threats. When one of their own is brutally murdered, they learn their defenses are not as strong as they thought; an enemy has outwitted them, threatening to overtake the mausoleum from the inside.

Nate, Crier, and the other members of the team face a daunting task: keep the mausoleum safe, even as saboteurs work to undermine their efforts. It will require unleashing their own innate abilities to save the mausoleum from destruction.

FREE eBook From February 2 – 6, 2021

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