Long Holler Road

In 1970’s rural Alabama, George Patrick and Glenn Burt’s world has always been a simple one with simple choices. Stories of drugs and violent murders were something occasionally seen on the evening news and had not yet pervaded this somewhat remote part of the world.

Their culture was not dramatically different from what it had been at the end of the Big War. But that was about to change drastically.

When two barrels containing bodies that have been dissolved with acidic chemicals mysteriously turn up on an impoverished family’s farm, the people of Long Hollow are quick to jump to conclusions.

Hugh Williams, who has never harmed anyone, is arrested and his destitute family become outcasts by almost everyone in the community. What the people don’t know is that a couple whose evil knows no bounds are the real culprits.

They are extremely intelligent and feed off each others twisted, torturous proclivities. Now that the focus is on the unfortunate Williams family, they are free to carry on with their horrific torture and heinous murders.

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