How to Hack a Local Election Without Using Foreign Help

This story shows us how folks with superior intellect are coming to our shores to infect us with one of the biggest scourges of the day, election hacking. Garrett Clear has once again been hired by the Attorney General from Parallel World Number One, to root out these culprits and send them back to Parallel World Number One.

Garrett is compelled to take his handgun with him, even though he prefers to use his mind instead of his handgun; because the paranormal folks he seeks can be dealt with by him using that handgun.

Garrett has to assume another identity, in this case that of Campaign Manager! This is so he can see first-hand how the Paranormal Hackers are going to perform their dirty deeds. Along the way, one of the hackers uses his powers to transform himself into a wild animal, but our reluctant user of force, Garrett Clear, responds with force.

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