FIREBUG by Wes Snowden

“A compulsively readable suspense thriller…

An investigation into a series of many deliberate fires in a row puts the investigative journalist Maxwell Muggs on the trail of a maniac killer in Snowden’s gripping latest.

Maxwell Muggs, an investigative reporter and a recovering gambler, gets involved in a case of suspicious fires around the city. Paired with Scarlett Sympson, an investigator with Albuquerque Fire Department, Maxwell begins to dig deeper into the case. By the time Maxwell and Scarlett realize how the case relates to a deeper conspiracy at city hall, they are the next targets.

Multidimensional, memorable characters enliven the narrative, and the second storyline involving the self-assured Reginald Muggs is both compelling and convincing.

Snowden tackles the issues of duty, responsibility, love, and corruption at higher levels as he brings his intricately crafted plot to its unpredictable end, at the same time leaving readers to ponder questions about the unpredictability of life and mortality and regret over life choices.”

FREE eBook from May 13 – 14, 2021

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