Farming with Guns: A nation short on time and long on need

Across Nigeria, Christians are dying.

The Fulani herdsmen’s invasion into peaceful communities of Nigeria has created a disturbing pattern of death and desecration; to this day none of the culprits have been brought to justice. Under the guise of an ancient livestock herding tradition, this group of people wage a war against the Christian population of the entire country. To protect their livestock, cattle farmers have graduated from using sticks, daggers and clubs to using sophisticated, brutal weapons like double-barrel shotguns and AK-47s.

Scholars the world over have been connecting this rise in violence to the Boko Haram insurgency, which has waged since 2009. Others wonder if this is a secret agenda aimed at wiping out non-Islamic populations in order to spread Islam to the conquered territories.

In this harrowing investigation, Dr Darlington Akaiso asks the questions no one else is willing to ask.

•Why are Christian churches being targeted by the Fulani herdsmen?
•Could this be an ethnic cleansing, with Christians as the primary target?
•Can anything be done to stop the brutal murder of innocent Christians?
•How did guns in the first place make its way to the grazing farmlands of Nigeria?

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