Cherokee Mythology: Captivating Myths and Legends of a Native American Tribe

In Cherokee myth—as in other Indigenous American traditions—the whole of creation is alive and able to communicate like humans and with the human beings who share their environment. Cherokee myths explain how the world came to be the way it is, and impart important lessons about Cherokee cultural values.

In the collection of stories retold in this volume, you will learn why the opossum has no fur on its tail, how the bat and the flying fox were created, and how medicine and disease came to afflict human beings, while the misfortunes and desires of animals and birds become expressions of important Cherokee cultural values, such as modesty of speech, humility, and gratitude for the earth’s bounty.

Like the human beings with whom they share their world, the animals and birds play stickball and hold dances, and they have councils in townhouses—communal spaces that were an important part of Cherokee settlements.

These stories are very old—passed down from generation to generation by storytellers who wished to instruct, entertain, and keep their traditions alive. They are part of a living tradition; the cultural fabric of an Indigenous American people who have survived against terrible odds, continue to live according to their traditional values and wish to create a better future for themselves and their children.

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