Charlemagne: A Captivating Guide to the Greatest Monarch of the Carolingian Empire and How He Ruled over the Franks, Lombards, and Romans

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Warrior. Ruler. Patron of the arts and language. Terrorist. Brutal oppressor. Protector of the good. Guardian of Christendom. Father of Europe. There are so many different ways in which Charlemagne can be described, and yet the man himself is often seen as an enigma. Depending on the viewpoint of history, he could have been either a monster or a guardian angel. Yet, as with most men, the truth lies somewhere in between. The truth is that he was human.

Charlemagne, crowned emperor of Rome and king of the Franks and Lombards, was the third ruler of the Carolingian Dynasty. He is also known as Charles the Great, and greatness certainly is a fitting word to describe his illustrious rule of 47 years. He added huge tracts of land to the Frankish kingdom, reformed everything from administration to currency to language, and changed the dynamics between the church and state forever—a defining influence on the entirety of Europe during the Middle Ages.

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