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You can be a great father starting now – even before you’ve met your baby

Can’t wait to meet your little one, but also panicking because you don’t know what to do?

Wish you could be more helpful and supportive to your pregnant partner, but you have no idea what’s going on with her?

Feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the well-meaning (but often contradictory) advice from friends and family?

While impending parenthood is an exciting time for any couple, it can also be extremely stressful.

There are so many things to prepare, information to learn about, and a developing partner to take care of.

It’s also easy for the expectant father to feel left out and useless during pregnancy.

After all, it’s your partner who is doing all the heavy lifting, and all the attention and concerns are (rightly) directed on her.

But your role as a father doesn’t start only when your baby is born – it starts the moment you find out you’re about to be parents.

However, no one is born knowing how to be a father. It’s a role you grow into as you gain wisdom through experience.

It doesn’t hurt to have a cheat sheet handy, though.

With this handbook, you’ll find all the things a father-to-be needs to know prior to your long-awaited arrival.

From catering to your partner’s needs to preparing for delivery day, there’s a wealth of to-dos here that will keep you busy and useful while your partner is creating your little one inside her.

In The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Guide, you will discover:

How to start stepping up to fatherhood, even if you’re still months away from meeting your baby

How to overcome your fears and apprehensions about becoming a father with these reassuring insights

The unpleasant side effects of pregnancy and how to support your partner through the aches and pains

A week-by-week guide to pregnancy to help you envision your growing baby – and empathize with your partner along the way

Government aid programs you should know about and take advantage of – enjoy savings and tax breaks on your childbirth and childcare expenses

All the baby essentials you need to have ready before the baby comes – and the expensive items you shouldn’t bother getting

How to make yourself useful while your partner is in labor and delivering your baby (yes, you still have important duties to do!)

And much more.

You may not be the one carrying the baby for nine months, and you may not be the one physically bringing them into the world.

But you are just as important to your child, and even more important to your partner, especially as they go through all these physical changes.

This is the start of a life-changing journey that will shape not just your life, but also that of your unborn baby.

Make sure you’re creating the best environment and developing your best self while your little one is still on the way.

If you want to spend this magical time in your life productively – and make it easier for your partner, then download this guide!

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