Black Apple

Barcelona, Spain…1999. Adam Tyler enjoys a comfortable lifestyle in Barcelona, where he very successfully works for one of the major Spanish banks. As a confirmed bachelor with no ties at all, Adam is enjoying a liberal lifestyle, along with all the pleasures and the excitement brought about by living in one of Spain’s most exhilarating cities. And life is good…good for Adam anyway.And then one day, and by the strangest of coincidences, he meets someone. A woman.And he simply falls in love with her…head over heels in love.But times are about to change for Adam Tyler, as he becomes drawn into a plot to use his bank as a base to launder huge amounts of money. And suddenly, Adam finds himself being blackmailed and manipulated, and drawn into the world of drugs and prostitution. In a series of disastrous events, both shocking and irreversible, Adam has to flee from Barcelona to New York City, to rebuild his career within the high profile world of banking in the financial hub of the USA.But Adam Tyler is again deceived, as he’s dragged into the murky and illegal world of ‘insider trading’. However, a larger disaster looms for Adam…and for the woman he loves.All of this takes place as the catastrophe of 9/11 looms, and with it, the irreversible consequences for everyone left in its wake.

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