Best Served Cold (Lincolnshire Murder Mystery Series Book 12)

The morning news on the radio is for many a critical start to their day. Unfortunately, the latest about the Covid-19 pandemic, boring politics and tales of wars, floods, and earthquakes in some hell hole all tend to get in the way of really vital news. Not important to the vast majority often, but that day it was to one man in particular. The news he was waiting for? He killed this vile woman the previous evening. Not an accident, you understand. Not a road traffic shunt due to him being drunk. He’d not got all drugged-up and shanked the bitch down some dark alley like some scumbags do, because she was in the wrong post code. Gordon killed her because he needed to. Because, to be perfectly honest, he was desperate for a bit of hands-on practice in readiness for the big one. AN INGA LARSSON NOVEL

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