A Calendar Of Rufus

Did you know that your car can hear and understand everything you and your passengers say and do when you are driving Or even when you and others are some distance away from your car Probably you didn’t, so this easy-to-read book will enlighten you Barney, Rufus’s car, reveals all about the mishaps that he observes happen to his owner, and how Rufus will in one way or another find a way out of his trouble Such mishaps happen unexpectedly to Rufus because he has been rash enough to act or speak without thinking or taking advice beforehand about the consequences from his girlfriend Dilys or from elsewhere Barney was rescued by Rufus from a sleazy garage forecourt and has been his car for several years He is fond of his likeable owner and records Rufusian various mishaps with humour and sympathy but can’t communicate with or help him because he is bound by the Vehicle Code always to do what his driver wants without question, and disobedience will incur severe punishment from the Guardians of the Code

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