James Marchbank resumes his fly on the wall view of the workings of a Northern English Police Force. He takes us through the back door of his Force Headquarters and reveals the intrigue, self-interest and back stabbing that prevails there. We are provided with a warts and all portrait of the five Chief Constables he worked for or with. During his time as a senior officer, he worked on two major reorganisations of his Force, organised the policing of the first legal Rave in the North East; helped the Force win an award for Performance Management and was the first Director of Intelligence outside of the Metropolitan Police. As a Divisional Commander he had to help implement a form of Neighbourhood Policing Teams he believed to be untenable while at the same time he was battling to improve the partnership working between agencies. James expresses strong views on the direction Policing seems to be going and believed the collection of data has distorted the service provided. He strongly supports the view that there are “good, bad and dodgy” in all walks of life, including the Police.
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